How to determine the correct rent of your house in Islamabad?

You have a house in Islamabad are looking for the best deal to rent it out to a tenant? Well, this is one of the most common means by which you could take care of the unused property. But you don’t want the rent to be too high or too low otherwise House for sale in Islamabad are going to either lose a tenant or lose money. So how do you determine the right rent for potential clients? There are some very easy ways that you can apply. Well, you have come to the right place. Let us guide you how you can do it like a charm

  • Do a survey of the neighborhood. Find out which houses are up for rent and how much those landlords are charging. It would give you a fair idea of the current trend related to the rent of a house in your area. To compare the house, make sure there are certain similarities like the number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, new construction vs old construction, etc
  • Some of the best means by which you can find comparable houses include a personal visit to see what offers are up, finding an online ad and using it or contacting an agent who knows the area well. As these means are the ones that people mostly employ to put the house up for rent
  • After you have the idea of what the market is like in terms of rent compare your house to those. See where your house stands do. After you have carefully calculated this either increase the rent or decrease as compared to what the competitors are offering. Some of the factors that you might want to keep in mind and consider include:
    • The size of the house which can be measured in square feet.
    • The area of the house which may be in the region that is more likely to attract tenants or is it in a remote location.
    • Facilities that are being provided are also a major factor. Which appliances are installed, furnishing, etc?

So if you have a property that needs to be put up for rent, then why not give an advertisement saying “house for rent in Islamabad”. It would surely lure in a lot of possible clients

  • If the advertisement doesn’t get you tenants with an interest in viewing the property, then my friend it is the best time to change your strategy. The main reason this could be happening is that the rent might be unacceptable for them. If there is a lack of contact even after a long period, consider changing your rent to a lower value. It might be possible that you mistook the value in the first place.
  • Keep on consulting the market to determine the right rent value. Market values tend to fluctuate a lot. So the best rent would be the one that is best suited for that particular day. Also, remember to be open to negotiation. You should set the rent such that there might be some flexibility for the people that are willing to rent. Don’t set the value too much on the border so that there is no room for changes. Tenants do hunt for bargains and if you give it to them, it might please them enough to make you their landlord.

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